Scanning 101

The Scanning Imperative – Improving Patient Safety and Reducing Costs

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Management of inventory turns, reducing waste due to product expiration and reducing annual audit shortfalls are all possible thanks to the UDI barcode. Although scanning is a common practice throughout hospitals today with pharmaceuticals/patient identification, it’s brand new for implants and other devices. Many health systems are still typing device identifiers into their EHR systems for implants.This is a dangerous practice due to the known potential for human error.

In the first of three webinars, leading field experts will focus on the immense benefits of using scanning technology to document medical device usage. UDI scans can improve patient safety through recall and expiration date management, reduce clinical time spent documenting product use and ultimately help hospitals reduce costs each year. 

How this Session Relates to the Cost, Quality, and Outcomes (CQO) Movement: Developing competency in this is critical to Cost, Quality and Outcomes objectives

Who Should Attend This Webinar? Scanning 101 is directed toward those who are getting started in implementing UDI: IT managers, SC distribution managers and directors, compliance managers and directors; VPs of SC, CNOs, CFOs, and other provider personnel involved in or responsible for the implementation of the FDA UDI program.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the terminology associated with UDI.
  • List the characteristics of barcode scanning including speed, accuracy, timeliness of data and subsequent uses
  • Discuss the benefits and associated efficiencies with scanning the UDI

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Presenter: Mike Nolan, President, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS)

Presenter: Peter Casady, CEO & Co-Founder, Champion Healthcare Technologies

Presenter: Rikki Jennings, BSN, RN, CPN, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer, Zebra Technologies