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Alternate Supply Channels Offering PPE and Other Critical Supplies

AHRMM recognizes the risks and concerns caused by the severe shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) that is impacting patient care and safety of health care workers. We recommend reaching out to alternate and non-traditional supply channels, such as veterinary clinics as well as dental offices, clinics and distributors as potential sources of PPE.

Meperia is a technology company that places significant emphasis on AI-driven technology to promote unlimited data attribution and normalization. With millions of medical-surgical items and over 20,000 manufacturer catalogs in our Virtual Item Master, we can quickly and easily identify products that are functional alternatives (items share either the same attributes as the primary product or have most but not all attributes in common with the primary product). While critical health care supplies are limited in availability, this guide provides functional alternative products, but most importantly also includes a wide variety of distributors for all of these products. Download the free resource guide.



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