CQO & The Triple Aim: Supply Chain's Strategic Connection Report


As the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) Triple Aim continues to be adopted by hospitals and health systems as a framework for implementing major improvements, AHRMM has established a clear and important connection between AHRMM’s Cost, Quality, and Outcomes (CQO) Movement and the goals of the Triple Aim.

This approach, calling for improvement of the patient experience, the health of populations, and the reduction of per capita healthcare cost needs to be implemented by all healthcare stakeholders, with supply chain professionals as co-owners within this delivery-of-care model.

The report outlines the strategic role supply chain plays within each of the IHI’s five suggested components of a system that fulfills the Triple Aim. Read the report to gain an understanding of how you can:

  • support the use of data and analytics
  • establish collaborations across departments and communities
  • promote prevention and implement standardization and cost control metrics that are all needed to improve patient safety, patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction
  • and eliminate product waste and drive holistic, clinically integrated, and strategic care within the value-based reimbursement model


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