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AHRMM offers professional tools and resources to help you strengthen your resume and acquire relevant skills and expertise. As a member, you will receive 24/7 access to a wealth of practical information: case studies, articles, white papers, podcasts, webcasts, and publications, developed by experts in your field or area of interest.

AHA Resource Center

To be most successful as you take a healthcare supply chain internship or job, having access to timely, high-quality information is key. AHRMM members receive four free hours of library research from professionals in the AHA Resource Center, which provides services to members with a need for information on hospital management, health policy, and many other health services-related topics.

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Mastering healthcare supply chain terminology is the foundation of safe, quick, and effective communication for those in the field. Being fluent in complex terms, abbreviations, and phrases, allows you to understand other healthcare professionals and easily navigate through the system. To help you stay in-the-know, AHRMM's Lexicon offers a full glossary of definitions for terms used throughout the healthcare supply chain field.

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Knowledge Center

Browse more than 400 resources covering the full spectrum of topics in the healthcare supply chain in multiple formats. AHRMM’s Knowledge Center is the “go-to” source for information in the field, containing the latest case studies, white papers, articles, webcasts, podcasts, and reports, plus an extensive library of online courses, webinars, and on-demand recordings.

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Attending the AHRMM annual conference can be key in helping you build the skills you'll need to succeed in the healthcare supply chain field. The conference also offers a rare chance to meet supply chain leaders in-person and make new connections that can open up valuable opportunities. AHRMM offers scholarships to qualifying members to attend our annual conference.

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