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Mar 21, 2019
Custom Procedure Trays (CPTs) create efficiencies in hospital work flow and inventory management. By Joseph A. Jackson, managing director, Strategic Healthcare Services LLC   
Mar 21, 2019
Sustainability and procurement are terms that may often be at odds, but as keepers of the health and wellness of our patients and communities, we must lead the charge toward more sustainable practices. By Laura Kowalczyk, vice president of supply chain & support services, UAB Medicine
Mar 21, 2019
Value-based health care and population health are two of the most common terms used in health care today, and yet still confusing for many. Let’s explore each one and how they are elevating the role of the supply chain and the importance of sustainability. By Karen Conway, vice president, healthcare value, GHX
Aug 9, 2017
Utilizing the right platform will not only enable simple purchasing of on-demand parts, accessories and services online, but it will also integrate with asset management and ERP systems.
Aug 4, 2017
Savvy supply chain leaders must go beyond medical product pricing to achieve the next level of savings for their organizations
Feb 28, 2017
The shift to bundled payments in health care continues to push the supply chain to a more central position in the overall operations and capabilities of progressive health systems.
Dec 16, 2016
How often have you heard that supply chain is involved in patient care from the moment the patient walks in the door to discharge? Well, now that concept has gone a step further, and we need to think out of the box and as a patient ourselves. Download Article
Apr 26, 2016
HealthTrust recently created the Physician Advisors Program, which is narrowing the chasm between those who purchase products and those who use them. The program solicits physicians’ input on clinical evidence reviews in product categories that have a significant impact on patient care, specifically physician preference items (PPI). Download Article
Oct 20, 2015
Supply chain must play an integral role in the care delivery process through cross-departmental partnerships that support evidence-based value analysis. Michael Louviere, System VP of Supply Chain at OHS shares his insights on what he calls a 'new adventureattempting to support best practices by collecting clinical evidence and synthesizing it to ensure that clinical practice is based on integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available relevant external clinical evidence from systematic research.