From Invisibility to Transparency: Cultivating OR Cost Awareness


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Health care perioperative services departments must tighten the reins of their budgets in order to meet organizational expectations. The operating rooms at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, were tasked to reduce 10% of their supply costs from previous spending levels. In the face of continued technology demands and a need to serve their patient care, education, and research missions, the perioperative services administration created a rigorous and rapid approach to raising the level of cost awareness among its nursing, surgical technician, and surgical staff. Previously, staff members were blind to the cost and utilization of materials used in surgery. Through a variety of data-sharing approaches and personalized analysis, they have made sensible choices about product use and removed unnecessary waste with an eye toward the collective financial future.

In this webinar, the Massachusetts General leadership team shares how they used data capture to assess supply use and how they changed the culture in their hospital to be more cost aware. They also examine the hurdles they encountered and how they addressed each along the way so you, too, can instill a financial mindfulness in your facility.


Learning Objectives:
  • Understand essential building blocks of data sets and best practices for data capture on supply use.
  • Identify ways to reach a large number of surgical services in a short amount of time.
  • Evaluate a variety of analysis approaches and identify which are useful for which audiences.


  • Bethany Daily — Senior Administrative Director of Perioperative Services, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Stephanie Weilert — Manager of Perioperative Business Services, Massachusetts General Hospital


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