Now's the Time! We Must Engage Physicians to Reduce Costs and Improve Outcomes


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In today's health care environment, we need everyone—most importantly physicians—to be focused on making cost effective decisions that are safe and result in positive patient outcomes. As supply chain drives the cost effectiveness piece of this equation, engaging physicians requires that we organize all of our resources and data in a way that can tell the whole story. In this webinar, we discuss how a hospital's payment is based on it's performance on outcomes and efficiency under value-based purchasing. We also cover how a physician's payment is being affected and how this information can help you impart change in your organization.


Learning Objectives:
  • Develop a communication plan and strategy for your physician meeting.
  • Identify the supply chain data that is most relevant to physicians.
  • Plan for physician objections and prepare a response prior to the meeting.
  • List two methods for identifying physicians with the highest opportunity.


  • Alison Reardon — Executive Director of Supply Chain & Quality, Premier


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