WHY, WHAT, and HOW of Strategic Planning


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The role of the supply chain is more important in healthcare than ever before due to the rising economic challenges that are faced today under healthcare reform. The C-Suite is looking to the supply chain to address specific issues lead the way. Demonstrate how your department can contribute to the hospital’s bottom line with a well thought out and expertly implemented strategic plan. This content is also available in on-demand recording format.

Learning Objectives:

Strategic Planning 101: Why is a Strategic Plan Important?

  • Identify why a strategic plan is important.
  • Recognize the role of supply chain managers.
  • Discover what strategic plans should include.
  • Examine strategic plan models such as vision-based and issue-based strategic planning.

Strategic Planning 201: How to Develop a Strategic Plan

  • Examine the components of a Supply Chain Strategic Plan.
  • Differentiate between strategy and tactics.
  • Discuss the steps to undertake in strategic planning.
  • Identify the process of developing a Supply Chain Strategic Plan.
  • Recognize the elements/characteristics that make an effective plan.
  • Learn how to proceed with the development of each element. 

Strategic Planning 301: Implementing a Strategic Plan

  • Review components of a Supply Chain Strategic Plan.
  • Recognize the importance of presenting and selling the Supply Chain Strategic Plan.
  • Examine several case studies.
  • Prepare to implement a strategic plan.

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