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This course provides an overview of the strategies, processes and methods used in inventory management and distribution, customer service metrics, and inventory valuation. This course is also available as part of the CMRP bundle.
The bundled course is comprised of five modules, each aligned with the CMRP examination curriculum outline and include a discount. The five modules are:
Gain a thorough understanding of healthcare supply chain fundamentals through AHRMM’s Essentials of Healthcare Certificate Series. If you are new to the field, climbing the career ladder, or simply need a refresher on the core disciplines of healthcare supply chain, the four online certificate programs will build a foundation of key supply chain aspects.
Inventory control is one of the core functions of a supply chain department and is a necessary component for operating a hospital. Effective inventory control will assure that inventory is viewed as a positive part of supply chain.
This program has been updated to an interactive format that consists of four modules, with an exam after each module. This new design allows participants to actively engage with the content. This certificate program consists of four modules, with an exam after each module. In addition to essential and practical information, each module is full of applicable tips and tricks and tried and true advice from seasoned supply chain professionals. Upon successful completion of the four modules, you will receive a certificate in logistics of healthcare supply chain management.