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Supply chain is in the unique position, working with so many different disciplines within the hospital, that it is natural that they initiate conversations on the proper management of these products.Presented by: Karen Conway, Executive Director, Industry Relations, GHX and Mike Schiller, Senior Supply Chain Director, AHRMM
Continuing from Part 1, this short session updates supply chain professionals on the design and timing of the new small bore tubing connectors making their way into hospitals. Supply chain professionals across the country must be aware and take the necessary steps to begin transitioning universal connectors to the new unique enteral, and then unique neuraxial small bore connectors. Presenter: Thomas Hancock, Executive Director, GEDSA
Brent Petty, executive industry consultant, Healthcare Lexmark International, discusses what forces are currently affecting health care and the platform hospitals use for decision-making criteria.
Having conversations with clinicians can be difficult, Howard Mann, a 30 year supply chain professional, discusses how to prepare for physician conversations regarding vendor consolidations to reduce the number of suppliers for product or product categories.
Allen Archer, director of supply chain management, Houston Hospitals, Inc., explains the basics of writing a contract including best practices and key tips.
Allen Archer, director of supply chain management, Houston Hospitals, Inc., describes five key terms and conditions that will assist you in writing a contract.