Data Standards

Mar 5, 2020
High quality data collected through Point-of-Care Scanning (POC) gives providers more accurate information that will assist in delivering higher quality of care. With unique device identifiers becoming readily available for medical devices due to U.S. FDA UDI requirements, hospitals need to…
Dec 13, 2019
Today, health systems are being forced to leverage disparate data from internal and external sources to drive business intelligence solutions. In this webinar, we review some of the challenges of disparate technology systems and how data can be better synchronized to drive meaningful understandings…
Oct 18, 2019
Leaders in health care organizations throughout the United States and beyond are looking to the supply chain for big data to determine actionable business insights of products used during patient care. The insights gathered can support the purchasing decisions of contracting and value analysis…
Jul 4, 2018
In an effort to capture broader insights on UDI adoption from across the health care field, AHRMM, with participation by the FDA, held LUC Data Quality Workshops during four conferences in 2017. During these workshops, conference attendees had the opportunity to voice their opinions on the state…
Mar 8, 2018
Susan Morris, CMRP, FAHRMM, health care executive, Cerner Corporation, explains the different parts of the Unique Device Identifier (UDI) and which part should go into the Item Master.  This webcast walks through the three FDA-accredited issuing agencies that assign UDIs and explains what…
Jan 12, 2018
WORK GROUP TITLE: UDI Capture Work GroupCASE STUDY PARTICIPANTS: Sandi Michel, MPMP, ITIL, CLSSBB, Director of Supply Chain Systems and Quality, the Office of Data Standards & Interoperability for Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System (FMOLHS)CASE STUDY ORGANIZATION:
Jan 12, 2018
CASE STUDY PARTICIPANTS: Lawrence Gossman, AVP, Supply Chain, Fran Sercer, MSN RN, Associate Director of Interventional Services, Anita Sears, Director of Supply Chain, Eskenazi Health
Nov 3, 2017
Data is becoming as much of an asset to an organization as its people. Being able to reliably quantify value and deliver on the promise of high-quality healthcare at a lower cost using evidenced-based decision making will be what distinguishes those providers and suppliers from their competitors.