Leadership Dynamics in Health Care Supply Chain


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Sustainable leadership is a hot topic being discussed throughout the health care supply chain field, and with good cause. When an organization’s leadership changes, many issues often arise such as reduced morale and increased negativity. In addition, critical information held by the departing employees may be lost. To top it off, with the relatively new differences in communication and work styles between employees, leaders have more to consider than ever.

There are specific skills and knowledge points that a new or emerging leader must take into account, aside from basic management qualities. New and emerging leaders must dig deep and work to learn their own capabilities and strengths, as well as be able to adapt their management styles to the varied personalities and work ethics of their individual employees.

In addition, new leaders must handle certain situations where they are promoted over their peers or start managing people who are older and have been around longer, as well as figure out how to be taken seriously. In this webinar, hear an engaging conversation with emerging, retiring, and change leaders and their perspectives on the leadership skills needed for the current and future workforce. As you listen to their experiences, you will consider your own team and how you can handle the situations that you may and most likely will encounter.

How this session relates to the Cost, Quality, and Outcomes (CQO) Movement: The implementation of leadership skills appropriate for your specific organization and employees can directly lead to improved staff morale, along with subsequent production and customer service improvements. Those in turn can lead to cost reduction, improved patient quality care, and increased reimbursement outcomes.


Learning Objectives:
  • Identify and align your individual capabilities and strengths within leadership roles.
  • Explain how to lead a team of varying ages and personalities to successful project outcomes.
  • Describe five key practices that can increase your success as a leader.
  • Discuss the necessity of collaboration and information exchange between new, emerging, and retiring leaders and develop a plan to begin discussions within your organization.


Target Audience:

All health care supply chain providers who aspire to work in leadership positions in the field.


  • Joe Walsh — Coach, Educator, Advisor, Supply Chain Sherpas
  • Kreg Koford — Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Sustaining Care Services, Memorial Sloan Kettering
  • Sara Henderson — Vice President of Supply Chain, Avera Health
  • Dave Reed — Vice President of Healthcare Solutions, Cook Medical


This webinar is sponsored by Cook Medical.

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