Reduce Costs with Rep-less Model Strategic Purchasing


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Uncontrolled variation is the enemy of quality, and quite a bit of uncontrolled variation exists in the medical device industry today. There are several ways to approach strategic contracting and partnerships in the healthcare supply chain arena. One option is using dis-intermediation, or a rep-less model, for medical device purchases. In this webinar, we review the current industry model for medical device sales and the opportunity for innovation in this space. We discuss a strategic approach to seven common objections from physicians and the c-suite and then move into preparing a business case for this model. Results from a pilot project are shared along with the critical success factors for implementing a rep-less model.


Learning Objectives:
  • Explain the traditional medical device model and recognize the differences between health care compared to other industries.
  • Determine whether your organization has the ability to implement a rep-less model and discuss the objectives of a successful implementation.
  • Identify the total cost of ownership for a rep-less model for any medical device.


  • Eric Cenac — Vice President, Resource Optimization and Innovation


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