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Overview: The engagement and alignment of employees will accelerate achievement of quality, safety, service and operational goals. This is easy to say, but it is more challenging to execute. Discover what leaders must do to create true employee collaboration through Managing Up. Previously recorded at the 2015 AHRMM Conference.
Overview: This session takes a close look at what can be done to improve many convention-type speeches. The first aspect has to do with the construction of the talk. What information will your audience be most receptive to and how should you get it across? The editing process will require you to leave some things out. What information can safely be excluded? Previously recorded at the 2015 AHRMM Conference.
Overview: Who’s keeping score? As a supply chain professional working from the intersection of Cost, Quality, and Outcomes (CQO), you need to be the one keeping score. Tune in to this previously recorded on-demand webinar to learn how to apply cost (expenditures as they relate to supplies, services, and other areas in supply chain control, i.e.