Policies and Procedures Manual for the Health Care Supply Chain, 2nd Edition



AHRMM's Policies and Procedures Manual for the Health Care Supply Chain, 2nd Edition contains over 160 new and revised health care supply chain policies and procedures to reflect current leading practices. The updated digital manual includes policies, procedures and forms needed to run a successful supply chain department in any health care organization and cover the areas of Administration, Contracts, Strategic Sourcing, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Receiving and Shipping, Print and Copy, Distribution, Linens, Central Services and more.


The manual is organized in a manner that will simplify the task of creating policies and procedures as well as the tools that are used with them, such as spreadsheets, forms and checklists. In addition to the revision and updates of the policies, the manual now includes a glossary and a list of resources to help educate and support the health care supply chain team within your organization.

The most exciting feature of the new manual is the ability to edit and tailor each policy, procedure and tool to your organization’s specific needs. The Policies and Procedures Manual for the Health Care Supply Chain, 2nd Edition is downloadable in an easy to use Microsoft Word format.

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Chapter 1: Administrative

Chapter 2: Contracts and Strategic Sourcing

Chapter 3: Purchasing

Chapter 4: Inventory Management

Chapter 5: Receiving and Shipping

Chapter 6: Linen Services

Chapter 7: Printing and Copying

Chapter 8: Central Service


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